Yoga therapy
The body's connective tissue is storage for waste products such as environmental impurities, electro magnetic impurities, 
traces of fertilisers and other toxins. Emotional imbalances and trauma also hide in the body's tissue.

Yoga therapy is for you ,if you have been down with stress or have had a depression, or have been ill for a shorter

or longer period of time. It could also be that you just feel exhausted and need more energy to feel more like yourself again. With an imbalance in the body and mind, it can be difficult to have the surplus and energy to practice yoga several times a week or to actively go into therapy or other training. When you come to me for a yoga therapy session, we start by talking about where you are now and where you have been for the last 6 months.

Then you lie down and let me scan / feel your body. And then I start the treatment. The treatment consists of deep, long stretches of your connective tissue, while the only thing you have to do is to breathe and let go.

Next, I massage your connective tissue on your meridian lines, to stimulate blood circulation and free blocked energy from places around your body and we work to loosen tension and release traumas in your physical body and your energy body. This will create an enormous release and at the same time it will help calm the nervous system.  After your treatment, we will put together a yoga program for you, with strengthening, balancing and energising poses depending on your exact needs. You will also be offered breathing exercises that will balance and strengthen you further in your process towards healing.  A therapy session is in its basic form 75 min long and you can book it as a one standing experience or you can book the course which consists of 5 sessions of 75 minutes.

This is if you really wants to go deep with your healing.

PSYCH-K® is a simple and effective method for quickly identifying and transforming limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs in your subconscious, into beliefs that instead support you in who you want to become instead.  Not limited by negative beliefs about yourself. Do you have problems in your relationships, poor self-esteem, do you suffer from stress or anxiety, or are there other things or habits that you dream of changing. Then Psych-K can help you. The method can be used to change old patterns that you no longer need and no longer want to be and that you may not have been able to change with other methods until now. The method can also be used for forbier, fear of flying, stopping smoking  etc.